Alert with illegal agencies and Individual 

First of all, be aware to book any trekking or trips with illegal trekking/ travel agencies and individuals.  It is quite important to know whether the company has legally registered with the Nepal government as well as the travel association of Nepal.   Be mindful! Is the company a genuine company or registered to government authorities with whom you are booking?

This is most important to know for our valued Nepal visitors that there are many companies running the business without observing legal formalities imposed by the country act and even not registered with the concerned office authority, etc. Likewise, it has been reported that some companies have been running a business whose licenses have already expired and not noticed and punished in charge of the unlawful act. In the same manner, we have seen many examples of so-called trekking / touring agencies operated by individuals & freelancers illegally, and some on commission basis with other agencies by creating their own personal website or by contacting personally.

Basically, it is not allowed by the country act; however, it has been found in abroad that some tour operators also have been involved in directly operating tours and trekking without any co-operation with local agents and without paying any tax for the government of a concerned country for doing so.

In this way, if one has booked his / her travel, trekking trip with such illegally operated trekking or Travel Company is subject to encounter great risk or aggravates during his / her course of the journey. In order to be secured in such obligations, take the following hints into consideration prior to confirming your journey with any trekking & travel agency.

·         Has the company registered with the proper government authorities?

·         Has the company insured staff against accidents?

·         Is the company environmentally conscious?

·         Is the company cleared of back taxes?

·         Is the company associated with appropriate travel and trekking associations?

·         Does the company have own bank account with a reputable bank directed by the Nepal government?

·         Does that company have all government authorized and referred staff?

We Nepal alternative trek offer you to secure travel arrangement and are committed to making your holiday safe and most enjoyable.

Nepal alternative treks & expeditions is a leading and well-known government authorized company in Nepal. Please find the detail government licenses and certificates below:

Proper government authorities

·         Certificate from a company registered office of Nepal.

·         Certificate from the ministry of tourism and civil aviation of Nepal.

·         Certificate from Nepal national bank.

·         Certificate from the trekking agent association of Nepal.

·         Certificate from Nepal Mountaineering Association of Nepal.

·         Certificate of tax office of Nepal.

·         Staff insurance

Nepal alternative treks proudly not only employed every single porter and guide but also fully protected by a travel insurance policy.  We provide our staff with enough equipment and proper shelter so that they can perform well.

Environmentally conscious

If you’re wondering which place of the world would offer you a flavor of the most enthralling traveling trip, indeed Nepal – the perfect answer is. The awe-inspiring Himalayan panorama, cultural richness, prominent ethnic groups, unique hospitability all are objects to attract millions of tourists to Nepal. Nepal is still charming for it is unspoiled by modernity - thriving in its natural splendor. Nepal is blessed with natural and cultural wealth in abundance offering boundless opportunity to observe myriad snowy peaks, diverse topography, numerous flora fauna, endangered species of animals, plants, etc.

At the same time, rapid population growth, tourism, deforestation have been a threat to the environment of Nepal in recent days. The problem is a quite alarming and pressing issue for the future generation as well. Therefore, we are committed to preserving nature for its sustainable development. In our way of thinking, the conservation of nature doesn’t reflect on disconnecting people from nature and vice – versa; rather, it is an approach to promote the human-nature relationship even stronger. Our team is guided by the fact that we must respect our nature for our own survival & it has been a matter of pride for us as Nepal is a naturally enriched country. Spreading awareness and having a sense of responsibility towards nature, we do our activities. We are very much conscious of your safe trip and environmental – friendliness. More to the point, Nepal is a beautiful nation with some colorful festivals to enjoy and its sophisticated culture definitely reveals our true identity.

We always lay emphasis on the following:

·         Take the only photo when you are allowed, leave only footprints as you embark on the journey.

·         Use kerosene for cooking purposes.

·         Leave the campsite clean.

·         Don’t fire on the open place.

·         Don’t pollute the water source.

·         Protect natural aspects.

·         Respect local culture

·         Seek permission before entering any temple or house.

·         Don’t take photographs with out granting permission.

·         Dress appropriately while traveling.

Your valuable support will be the biggest asset to comprehend our attempt!

Associates with travel and trekking association

We are associated with trekking agencies association of Nepal ( TAAN) and Nepal mountaineering association ( NMA), NATO ( Nepal association of tour operator), NATTA ( Nepal association of travel and tour agencies), NARA ( Nepal Association of rafting agencies) and KEEP ( Nepal environmental educational project), etc.

Tax clearance

A government-approved tax auditor prepares the profit and loss statement and balance sheet at the end of each fiscal year. On the basis of this, we pay 10% of our profit to the government. We are clear of back tax clearance and have paid taxes in advance of the current year.

Bank Guarantor

The tourism development bank is the leading bank in Nepal, is our guarantor. As per the existing rule and regulation, we maintain the balance in this bank to sufficient to cover any claims of refunds from or compensation due to our clients. The amount you pay us for your trip is secure.

Government-authorized and referred staff

We employ only government-authorized, highly educated, experienced, first aid trained, fluent English speaking local guides and porters who are mostly referred.

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